EAZ-FIX is an ultimate solution for your computer’s future problems
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EAZ-FIX is an ultimate solution for your computer’s future problems. This software is not to fix your computer’s existing problems. It is designed to protect your computer from future problems. With EAZ-FIX you can live your life without any tension. It is actually a protection and security tool which works as a shield for your computer. It actually provides PC Rollback, File Recovery, System and Data Security and Drive Imaging solutions to solve all type of problems. Its PC Rollback solution work on the basis of snapshots. EAZ-FIX always takes snapshot of the system whenever there is any change in the system. In other words it always takes backup of the whole system including files, data, programs and settings. So we can rollback our system if there is any problem due to any software installation, virus attack or corrupted files. In each case you can rollback your system to an earlier state n your problem will automatically solved. You can use this software to recover your lost or accidentally deleted data as EAZ-FIX always takes backup of you whole system and data files. Its System and Data Security tool prevent any unauthorized access to our data. And by using its Drive Imaging solution we can take backup image of partitions and even whole hard disk.

Manoj Goel
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  • Provide easy to use interface
  • Provide shield to prevent unauthorized access
  • Work even after window crash


  • Not a freeware
  • Consume lots of space of hard disk
  • Its setup file is also very large about 57MB
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